Marine Canvas in Orlando, FL, and Surrounding Counties

If you are looking at protecting your boat and your family from the harsh Florida sun, you have come to the right place! Marine Essentials is your source for quality marine canvas in Orlando, FL. We offer excellent custom-designed options to make your boat last longer. All our canvas covers are custom built and fabricated only for your vessel. Our designers provide:

Boat Canvas

Dad's idea of canvas circa 1951

  • Mooring/storage covers
  • Bimini Tops
  • Full camper enclosures
  • Fly bridge enclosures

We use only the highest quality canvas, including Sunbrella and Stamoid canvas. This custom marine canvas in Leesburg, FL, protects but also allows your cover to breath. Additionally, we offer multiple grades of glass and clear vinyl, a massive selection of canvas colors, and various options for screens.

When you come to us for canvas and marine upholstery in Orlando, FL, it is about quality. To ensure the sun does not damage your cover’s thread, we use Tenara thread – the best UV protected thread available that offers a lifetime warranty. Your cover will also have YKK zippers and full stainless steel hardware.


Canvas Questions & Answers

How often do you need to waterproof your canvas?


I heard it's complicated to put up panels. What do you do to make it easy?

We mark all panels clearly so they are easy to put up. If you choose we can include marked storage bags (bags at
additional charge)

Why are prices a little more? I can go online and buy covers.

Our covers are all CUSTOM BUILT for your vessel. We reinforce areas with patches over sharp corners to further protect
your boat. We use only Sunbrella fabric and top of the line YKK zippers. Only the best thread and stainless steel hardware are used. All this equals to a long lasting cover and further protection for your boat.

What is your warranty?

1 year on all workmanship, 10 years on Sunbrella fabric.

Why should I choose Marine Essentials canvas over others?

All materials are made locally, here in the USA. We only do boats, canvas. This is our specialty, this means you receive the most competitive price. Mark, our designer, is one of the owners. He will be there when scheduled. We offer a scheduled time for your boat which means we meet your deadlines. We offer prompt follow up, service and follow through. We have been in the marine business for over 35 years and doing canvas for over 20.

Are there many types of clear vinyl (glass) I can order?

Yes. Some are thicker and harder to put up than others. We match the type of vinyl to the need and use that particular thickness of glass. Not all projects need the thick vinyl, some need more flexibility. Again, it depends on the job. We give you options in each area of the job; thereby saving you money in certain areas.

What are my options?

Full camper canopies, with full screen enclosures. Half enclosures, bimini tops with windshield covers, mooring covers, cockpit covers. All projects are custom, you choose depending on your needs.

What colors?

Many to choose from. Click on the Sunbrella link for a list of canvas color options.

Can I use my old frames from my old cover?

It depends. We may have to look at it first or send us pictures to determine if the job can be done.

How do I store my panels?

Never fold your panels, always roll them, AFTER they are dry.

What products should I use to clean the glass?

303 products can be purchased from our retail store

How can I prevent mold/mildew on my panels?

First, most marine fabrics contain antimicrobial agents that are compounded in the canvas. Benefits include:

  • Resistance of product deterioration and discoloration caused by bacteria and fungi
  • Inhibiting the growth of odor-caused bacteria, fungi, molds, and mildew

It is extremely important you keep the canvas dry and clean it periodically to keep it free of dirt and debris.

Can I drive with my cover?

Not a good idea unless it is custom designed as a travel cover.

Contact our staff to learn more about our selection of marine canvas. We serve clients in Leesburg, Marion, Citrus, Osceola, Polk Florida, and other surrounding cities and counties.